• Kaladan Project Will Improve Regional Peace

    LOOKEAST REPORT | WHEN cargo vessel MV-ITT Lion sailed into Sittwe port in Myanmar last May, having left Kolkata five days earlier, it marked an important milestone for India in its long–drawn quest for alternative routes connecting it to its northeast, even beyond to Southeast Asia. For, the docking of the cargo vessel heralded the operationalisation of the strategically located deep–water port built with Indian assistance. The Sittwe port is an integral element of what has proven to be a challenging infrastructure project, the Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport Project (KMMTTP), being undertaken by India in Myanmar. Through the Kaladan project, India hopes to eventually transport goods to its northeast region using a combination of sea, river and road routes. The aim is to transport cargo… …. 


  • Survivors Of Kalapani

    CATHY SCOTT-CLARK / ADRIAN LEVY THEY came for him on the fifth day of the hunger strike, with bamboo truncheons drawn. He remembered the bell in the Central Tower ringing, so it must have been 11am when they ripped back the bolts. Rough hands grabbed his forearms and thighs, one warder riding on his bucking chest. The familiar voice of Dr Edge boomed along Levels One and Two: "Teach the terrorists a lesson." "I was… ….