• G20 | The Modi Interview…

    Press Trust of India : The G20 Presidency has given India the opportunity to promote its vision for a sustainable, inclusive and equitable world, and to raise its profile as a leader in the Indo–Pacific region. With just days left for the summit, please share your thoughts on achievements of Indian Presidency. Prime Minister Narendra Modi : To answer this question, we need to set the context on two aspects. The first is on the formation of the G20. Second is the context in which India got the G20 Presidency. The genesis of the G20 was at the end of the last century. The major economies of the world got together with a vision of a collective and coordinated response to economic crises. Its salience grew… …. 


  • Survivors Of Kalapani

    CATHY SCOTT-CLARK / ADRIAN LEVY THEY came for him on the fifth day of the hunger strike, with bamboo truncheons drawn. He remembered the bell in the Central Tower ringing, so it must have been 11am when they ripped back the bolts. Rough hands grabbed his forearms and thighs, one warder riding on his bucking chest. The familiar voice of Dr Edge boomed along Levels One and Two: "Teach the terrorists a lesson." "I was… ….