• Phuket Sandbox Welcomes 1st Quarantine Free Tourists

    LOOKEAST REPORT | THAILAND's ambitious quarantine–free tourism experiment began on Thursday morning as an Etihad Airways flight from Abu Dhabi carrying fully vaccinated passengers landed on the island of Phuket. After clearing immigration, the visitors were taken straight to their hotels, where they will wait for the results of PCR tests COVID-19. If the results are negative, the tourists are free to roam the entire island. "I can't wait to walk on the beach," said a father of two children traveling from Abu Dhabi. His family will spend a month on the island off southern Thailand's Andaman coast. The Etihad flight was followed by a Qatar Airways flight from Doha and an El Al flight from Tel Aviv. A Singapore Airlines flight was scheduled to… …. 


  • Re–Reading Bankimchandra Anew

    MANAS DAS | ALTHOUGH Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay, the Scott of Bengal, and the key figure in the literary renaissance of Bengal, is primarily known in our country and elsewhere as a pioneering Bengali novelist and the composer of India’s national song “Vande Mataram”, some of his works have often been criticized for their alleged championing of Hindu revivalism and many criticized the celebrated song itself as it was alleged to have Hindu overtone or to be… ….