• DGFI’s ‘Protective Custody’ For Sarwardy !

    RWITABATI BHATTCHARYA | WHEN DGFI officers burst into the Banani DOHS to whisk away retired Lt Gen Chaudhury Hasan Sarwardy on Friday night, they were not doing what people would imagine them to do. If Sarwardy was picked up by CTTC, NSI or RAB, those agencies would have gone after him hammer and tongs to get at the bottom of the Major Power driven regime change plot (reported by EASTERNLINK and LOOKEAST) that seems to have been spearheaded by a pro–Pakistan adviser of the Bangladesh government.   Bangladesh's arch conspirator conveniently placed inside the government and capable of using his growing influence in civil and military administration was keen to ensure Sarwardy was taken into 'protective custody' by DGFI so that he could be shielded… …. 


  • How Can Salman F Rahman Remain Hasina’s Adviser !

    SALEEM ALTAF & SUDEB KRISHNA SUR CHOUDHURI | DHAKA BEXIMCO Group vice chairman Salman F Rahman has been Private Industry and Investment Advisor to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina — but why ? The premier appointed him as her adviser for private sector industries and investment under rule 3B(i) of the Rules of Business, 1996, says a government circular. The post is non–salaried but Rahman enjoys the status of a cabinet minister.  In reality, he is… ….