• The Revival of Nalanda

    DR MANAS DAS | SOME say it is an anachronism. To some others it is a mere fancy project. A considerable few are not sure about the future of this renovated legacy and they fume at the brouhaha over it. But not many, in their senses, can dispute the glamour and pride associated with the brand name ‘Nalanda’ that is synonymous with the grand glory of ancient Indian civilisation. More than 500 years before Oxford University was established, this ancient Indian centre of learning was home to nine million books and attracted 10,000 students from around the world. As the Dalai Lama once said: “The source of all the [Buddhist] knowledge we have has come from Nalanda.” The glorious institution is a bright relic of… …. 


  • A New Myanmar Is Emerging

    ASHLEY SOUTH | ANTI-REGIME forces in Myanmar have made remarkable gains over the past six months, taking control of at least 400 army bases and 50 towns across the country through coordinated attacks. The State Administrative Council (SAC), as the military regime calls itself, is no longer able to function effectively. Chairman Min Aung Hlaing, meanwhile, is committing the cardinal sin of Asian strongmen — failing the test of performance legitimacy, with the military regime unable… ….