• NRC | The Unlucky Victims

    GUWAHATI | IT is hotter than Prague. It does not have the Czech capital’s cobbled squares or narrow streets but instead tin–roofed houses and paddies hemmed with palms and mango trees. Yet Franz Kafka would have felt quite at home in Assam. Since 2016 this hilly tea–growing state in India’s north–eastern corner has been compiling a National Register of Citizens (NRC). Billed as a scientific method for sorting pukka Indians from a suspected mass of unwanted Bangladeshi intruders, the seemingly banal administrative procedure has instead encoiled millions of people in a cruelly absurdist game. Rather than find and prosecute illegal immigrants, Assam has instead tasked its 33m people, many of them poor and illiterate, with proving to bureaucrats that they deserve citizenship. Those who fail risk… …. 


  • Naga Accord Soon, Says Ravi, But How Soon !

    ANTHONY CHAKESANG | A proposed accord with Naga armed groups is expected to be concluded soon, Deputy National Security Adviser RN Ravi has said, just before he was named the next governor of Nagaland. Question is how soon is soon for Mr Ravi, because he had made a similar statement just before the Lok Sabha polls this summer. “It’s nearing conclusion with all. In fact, there is nobody left out. Everyone is part of it.… ….