• Kaladan Project Can Be Completed In Myanmar | Arakan Army

    LOOKEAST REPORT | THE Arakan Army is fighting with the objective of uprooting the military dictatorship in Myanmar. After the end of the military dictatorship, the ethnic groups in each region will decide for themselves on how to build their own future, said a spokesperson of the United League of Arakan (ULA) or Arakan Army. The ULA spokesperson also said that the future of the Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport Project (KMMTTP) is safe and it would not come under any harm. "It is totally safe for KMMTTP to accomplish the completion at the earliest after we (ULA/AA) re–capture Kaladan and Laymro river deltas. We have no problem with India and are ready to cooperate for mutual benefit," said the spokesperson on condition of anonymity. The… …. 


  • Survivors Of Kalapani

    CATHY SCOTT-CLARK / ADRIAN LEVY THEY came for him on the fifth day of the hunger strike, with bamboo truncheons drawn. He remembered the bell in the Central Tower ringing, so it must have been 11am when they ripped back the bolts. Rough hands grabbed his forearms and thighs, one warder riding on his bucking chest. The familiar voice of Dr Edge boomed along Levels One and Two: "Teach the terrorists a lesson." "I was… ….