• Focus On Myanmar

    DR APARNA PANDE | INDIA’S diplomatic influence has grown significantly through 2023, attracting interest from countries worldwide looking to strengthen economic and strategic bonds with the South Asian nation. However, relations with its closest neighbors remain conflict–ridden and problematic. While its western neighbor Pakistan often captures international attention, its eastern neighbor, Myanmar (formerly Burma), is frequently overlooked. India’s relations with Myanmar are multilayered: old historical ties, strong relations during the anti–colonial struggles of both nations against British rule, with many complications since the 1950s. In the 1990s, New Delhi launched its Look East Policy (and later Act East), which emphasised regional connectivity, developmental aid and military support. In exchange, it sought support from Myanmar for security issues on Indian territory.   The 1962 military coup… …. 


  • A New Myanmar Is Emerging

    ASHLEY SOUTH | ANTI-REGIME forces in Myanmar have made remarkable gains over the past six months, taking control of at least 400 army bases and 50 towns across the country through coordinated attacks. The State Administrative Council (SAC), as the military regime calls itself, is no longer able to function effectively. Chairman Min Aung Hlaing, meanwhile, is committing the cardinal sin of Asian strongmen — failing the test of performance legitimacy, with the military regime unable… ….