• Rewrite Freedom Struggle History From Nationalist Approach | Jishnu

    AGARTALA | TRIPURA deputy chief minister Jishnu Dev Varma urged the scholars to rewrite the history of India’s freedom struggle from the “nationalist” perspective while addressing a gathering of 132nd birth anniversary of revolutionary Ullaskar Dutta, who hailed from undivided Tripura. The event organised by Ullaskar Dutta Academy, a Kolkata based research group. Dev Varma lamented that till the date students were taught the history of India and it’s freedom movement, which is skewed to either right or left or centre, but the perspective of Indians’ minds is significantly missing.   Hundreds of unsung heroes of undivided Tripura, Assam and West Bengal like Ullaskar Dutta who have not been given due coverage in the school and college syllabus   “In my student life, I studied… …. 


  • Survivors Of Kalapani

    CATHY SCOTT-CLARK / ADRIAN LEVY THEY came for him on the fifth day of the hunger strike, with bamboo truncheons drawn. He remembered the bell in the Central Tower ringing, so it must have been 11am when they ripped back the bolts. Rough hands grabbed his forearms and thighs, one warder riding on his bucking chest. The familiar voice of Dr Edge boomed along Levels One and Two: "Teach the terrorists a lesson." "I was… ….