• The Crown Prince of Crime

    INAM AHMED / SHAKHAWAT LITON | He was hardly known to outsiders until his father, General Ziaur Rahman who became Bangladesh's president in the process of several coups and counter–coups, died in another military putsch in May 1981. For the first time, through a Bangladesh Television programme “Jodi Kichhu Money Na Koren”, the countrymen came to know Zia had two sons and one of them Tarique Rahman. For one reason or another, the general did not expose his family to much public interactions. Tarique grew up in the shadow of his mother Khaleda Zia and was hardly visible until 2001 when the country was heading for another   Lutfozzaman Babar who had a murky past and popularly known as Casio Babar because of his alleged… …. 


  • Poll Boycott Won’t Help BNP

    SAJEEB WAZED JOY | Government opponents claim that democracy in Bangladesh is broken. They call the 2014 general elections invalid and say the upcoming elections will be, too. They allege that the disappearance of some opposition leaders was a government conspiracy. They are wrong. None of these claims are true.   BNP chose to boycott the last election. It then complained that too few political parties participated, resulting in a sham. This was a cynical… ….