• Around 3 Million Face Non–Inclusion in Assam

    SUBIR BHAUMIK | A long exercise over determining citizenship in India's northeastern state of Assam may end up rendering around three million people stateless. Four million people, mostly Bengali Hindus and Muslims, were not included in the National Register of Citizens (NRC) draft that was published in July this year.     Those excluded were asked to file claims for inclusion in NRC by Dec 31st 2018. With the deadline approaching, just over half a million of these excluded people have been able to file claims. The remaining more than three million have not filed claims, perhaps because they have no fresh documentary evidence to submit in addition to those already deposited with the authorities.   More than twenty Bengali Hindus and Muslims have committed suicide so far after… …. 


  • Sino–Indian Rivalry for Influence in Bangladesh

    ISHRAT HOSSAIN | INDIA should not be worried about Bangladesh’s close ties with China; the cooperation is meant only for development’, reassured Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina while speaking to a visiting delegation of Indian journalists recently. Statements of this kind from Bangladesh’s leader point to a new reality for the country, where balancing two of Asia’s rising powers is slowly becoming the diplomatic mainstay. As the strategic rivalry between India and China intensifies, Bangladesh increasingly… ….