Bangladesh Ship Rescues Indian Fisherman

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Bangladesh Ship Rescues Indian Fisherman

One of 25 missing fishermen was rescued alive by a commercial vessel of Bangladesh near Chittagong on Wednesday morning after five days. Crew members of the Bangladesh vessel who rescued him could not believe that he managed to float in the rough sea and sustain without water, food and life jacket. According to sources, on Wednesday around 11 am, Bangladesh time (10:30 am IST) the commercial vessel, MV Jawad, saw a man floating in the water of Bay of Bengal.

As the information about the missing fishermen was conveyed to all ships and vessels, the captain and crew of Jawad understood that the floating man was from the missing fishing vessels of India. Bangladesh Coast Guard and Bangladesh Navy were immediately radioed by the captain of Jawad. However, both coast guard and Navy informed that due to bad weather they would be late and requested to the crew members MV Jawad to rescue the man. After this, crew of Jawad started the rescue operations. At first, a life jacket and a buoi was thrown towards the fisherman, who was later identified as Rabindranath Das.

Das couldn’t get hold of the life jacket or the buoi. Later, a shipping net was thrown on Das using a crane. This time Das was able to entangle himself in the net and then he was dragged to the vessel. After rescuing him, Das was provided with food and hot beverage. After a few moments, Das regained his ability to speak and told the crew members his name and how he went missing. He was later admitted to a hospital in Chittagong. After Das was rescued, a message was conveyed to Indian Coast Guard and South 24-Parganas district administration of Bengal. ■

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