ULFA Denies Yet Again, But WEEK Calls The Bluff

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THE ULFA has issued a denial yet again, saying the interview of its military wing chief Paresh Barua in the WEEK magazine was false.

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“Our leader has not given any such interview to anybody in the WEEK magazine,” said a statement by ULFA. But the WEEK stood by its story and carried an audio excerpt of the hour long interview done on 27 August.




The report filed by Rabi Banerjee published in the December 2 issue of WEEK claimed that in an exclusive interview ULFA’s military wing chief Paresh Barua says his group enjoys ‘very cordial relations’ with China.

In the interview that was published as part of the cover story of WEEK magazine (December 2 issue), Barua says of China: “their friendship is unparalleled”.

Banerjee did not say in his report whether the interview was given in person or over telephone or through email.


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Earlier the ULFA had denied a report published by LOOKEAST quoting intelligence sources that Paresh Barua had sustained injuries in a road accident in November.

The ULFA statement denied Barua had faced an accident but former ULFA general secretary Anup Chetia admitted Barua had told him if an accident in which the rebel leader had fractured his ribs and a toe. Chetia however denied Barua had died in the accident. ■

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