Setting trends in fashion designing

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Naomi Kikon

Kupu 20, is a blogger, fashion illustrator and a fashion design student in Pearl Academy New Delhi.

“As a kid I would sketch on almost all my notebooks including my maths and science books”, he said. He was always attracted to the glamorous lifestyle of the people involved in the fashion industry. British fashion designer and couturier Alexander McQueen and John Galliano present creative director of Maison Margiela are his two favourite designers. Kupu’s main goal is to work with top French couture houses.

His family has always supported his dream. He believes that nature and history inspires him and describes his personal style as “trendy but unique and androgynous.” The thing he enjoys most about designing is its process from creating the sketches, to the pattern making and sewing.

Kupu Zhimomi 02

Kupu Zhimomi

He said, “The most challenging part in designing is stress and time management.”

He is still a design student but his dreams are big and nothing can hold him back from reaching them because he has the talent and is not afraid of showing it in his work.

In the pictures, the ruffle shirt and red pants and red blazer are his own designs which looks impressive and professional. Others are his looks that he aces on.

Summer look

Women – Off shoulders, flared pants and all things Victorian

Men – Very distressed denims, print on print and backpacks

Kupu seems to be keen on working in the international scene. He is already slaying on Instagram with his outfits and unique posts which are all very appealing and imaginative. Even though he looks like he’s made for the huge fabulous life, his friends find him fun to hang out with, sweet, down to earth and really helpful. He already has so much of things going on now at the age of 20, I can only imagine his achievements when he really hits the top. With God’s grace we should support the youth like him in order to encourage and give them the reputation that they deserve. Keep up the good work Kupu because you are inspiring so many youngsters to get out of their shells and achieve their dreams.


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