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FRESH political migration of Bengali Muslims from different districts of the country to the three hill districts of CHT continues alarmingly. In the same way, Naikhyongchari, Alikadam, Lama and Thanchi Upazila (sub–districts) of Bandarban district bordering Arakan State of Myanmar and having high hills and mountains has been facing the problem of fresh migration of Bengali Muslims from different parts of the country as well migration of thousands of Rohingyas of Arakan state of Myanmar.

It is the geographical location largely shaken by the fast–changing geo–political situation has made CHT to be a global strategic point, which bears equal significance to all the democratic countries of the world. The trendy uprising of Islamic militancy in Bangladesh and alongside the on–going state–sponsored Islamisation in CHT indicate the gradual formation of common threat to peace and stability in the hills.

■ Internal migration of members of the ethnic minorities is a much bigger issue in Chittagong Hill Tracts. People have been displaced from their own lands to create villages for settlers | Archive

The Islamic militant groups have been continuing their extremist activities in CHT by taking advantage out of the existing communal situation. The international Islamic terrorist organisations have been providing support to the fundamentalist organisations in Bangladesh with an aim at turning Bangladesh into an Islamic state in true sense of the term.

Besides, the Rohingya Muslim militant groups are also active in the southern part of CHT. If the CHT region will turn into a complete Muslim–dominated area, the militants will make use the geographical advantage of the hilly region as rear ground for militant activities. And CHT will become a safe sanctuary for radicals.


Indigenous Tanchangya people are passing their days in fear and panic of communal attack and eviction from their lands. Besides, the other Jumma indigenous people living in Naikhyongchari Sadar, Sonaichari, Ghundhum, Baishari, and Dochari Union under Naikhyongchari Upazila are also passing days in fear and threat of possible attack of Rohingyas and Islamic militants


For example, the Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO) is active in Naikhyongchari Upazila of Bandarban district and Ukhiya and Teknaf in Cox’s Bazaar district. Main base camp of RSO militants is situated at Douchari union of Naikhyongchari Upazila in Bandarban district. At least 20 militant outfits are trying to recruit documented as well as undocumented Rohingyas living in the districts of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazaar and Bandarban.


It is estimated that around 6,000 persons of Rohingyas settled in Naikhyongchari Upazila of Bandarban district. Md. Shafiullah, son of late Saleh Ahmed of Naikhyongchari Upazila, a leader of Awami League and Rohingya militant and who stays most of the time at rented room of Ocean Paradise Hotel of Kolatali in Cox’s Bazar district, has been engaged to collect financial support for Rohingya extremists and refugees from Middle–East.

Shafiullah failed to win in the recent Upazila election for the post of chairmanship in Naikhyongchari upazila. He arranged a meeting in the name of an iftar party at the rented room (Arakan Support Centre) at the ground floor of Ocean Paradise Hotel on 28/07/2014 and held meeting.

It is reported that he could also manage to convince the MP of Bandarban constituency Bir Bahadur Ushwe Shing and chairman of Bandarban District Council Kyaw Shwe Hla to support him in exchange of millions of Takas. He also listed the names of the PCJSS leaders of Naikhyongchari Upazila with the help of Chochumong Marma, president of Chattra League (student wing of Awami League) of Naikhyongchari Upazila and Taslim Iqbal, general secretary of Awami League of Naikhyongchari Upazila branch.

■ Buddha Dhatu Zadi also known as the Bandarban Golden Temple. It is the largest Theravada Buddhist temple in Bangladesh and has the second–largest Buddha statue in the country | Archive

The activities of Rohingya extremist organisations, Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO), has been intensified more than earlier. The government is not taking any steps against them. An influential group of the whole upazila has continued using the Rohingyas in land grabbing, robbery, killing, smuggling of Yabba and drug in the border area. As a part of making out–number of indigenous peoples of the CHT into minority, the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) are not taking any effective measure to prevent Rohingyas from entry to Bangladesh.

So far information received, a total of 154 applications of the Rohingyas for enrolment in the voter lists have been submitted to the Upazila election commissioner. It is reported that many Rohingyas could already manage to enroll in the voter lists in Naikhyongchari Upazila.

Main cause in failing to identify Rohingya voters in Naikhyongchari is lack of complainants to lodge objection against Rohingya voters. Nobody cannot dare to put application against them. It is also reported that local leaders of Awami League and BNP have been assisting Rohingyas to be enroll in the voter lists. Local leadership remains in favour of Rohingyas in enrolling in voter lists.


Rohingyas have become not only citizens of Bangladesh but also have been elected ‘public representatives’ in the elections. The Rohingyas have attained port–folio leadership positions in the parties like BNP and Awami League. It has been studied the issue taking only the Naikhyongchari Upazila of Bandarban Hill District


The Rohingyas are continuously infiltrating in Naikkangchari Upazila, and are spreading throughout the CHT. Though there was an instruction of Election Commission to enroll voters at the rate of 5% at Upazila level, however here in Naikhyongchari Upazila it has stood 8% in 2013. It indicated that in the recently updated voter lists in Naikhyongchari Upazila, a huge number of Rohingyas have been incorporated.

The names of Rohingyas who submitted voter form to the election commission’s office in Naikhyongchari Upazila hiding their Rohingya identity:

  • SHAHAB UDDIN, Voter form No. 26335637
  • UMME HAYAT, Voter form No. 26645755
  • NACHIMA AKTAR, Voter form No. 28326266
  • JANNATUL FERDOUS, Voter form No. 26336046
  • REHENA BEGUM, Voter form No. 26335962
  • MORIOM KHATUN, Voter form No. 26335628
  • HABIBA YASMIN, Voter form No. 28327425
  • MAIMUNA JANNAT, Voter form No. 26335617
  • CHENUARA BEGUM, Voter form No. 28326997
  • KHAIRUNNECHA, Voter form No. 28326707
  • ANOWARA BEGUM, Voter form No. 26335471
  • ABUL KASHEM, Voter form No. 26335993
  • ABU BAKKAR SIDDIQUE, Voter form No. 28326712
  • TOIYAB, Voter form No. 28326784
  • OMAR FARUK, Voter form No. 26335653
  • ABU SUFIAN, Voter form No. 26335969
  • YAKUB NABI, Voter form No. 283326720
  • TOUHIDUL ISLAM, Voter form No. 26335602
  • RIDWAN, Voter form No. 26335645
  • NUR MOHAMMAD, Voter form No. 25668849
  • NUR AYESHA, Voter form No. 28326260
  • ISMAIL, Voter form No. 26335482
  • HASAN ALI, Voter form No. 2645842
  • NAZMA AKTAR, Voter form No. 26335408
  • FIROZA BEGUM, Voter form No. 26335997
  • JANNATUL NUR, Voter form No. 26335402
  • SETARA BEGUM, Voter form No. 26335996
  • SIMAUL JANNAT, Voter form No. 26335604
  • AJIJA KHANON, Voter form No. 26335939
  • AMENA AKTAR, Voter form No. 26335940
  • MAHIMA PARVIN, Voter form No. 26335629
  • YASMIN AKTAR, Voter form No. 26335972
  • AMINA KHATUN, Voter form No. 26335966
  • FATEMA KHATUN, Voter form No. 28327433
  • MD, SAIYAD ALAM, Voter form No. 28326988

The above–mentioned voters have been enlisted in ward no. 1 and 2 of the Sadar Upazila of Naikkangchari.

The list of the names of Rohingyas enlisted in secret in the updated voter list of ward no. 3 and 4 of Naikkangchari Sadar —

  • AYESHA SIDDIKA, daughter of Kalim Ullah
  • SHAJEDAAKTER, daughter of Nurulislam and Joynab Begum
  • AREFA BEGUM, daughter of Md. Poyaib and Nur Bahar
  • MOSHARAF FARJANA MUNNI, daughter of Abdul Sukkur and Rumanaafroj
  • SALMAN KABIR SIFAT, son of Nurul Kabir and Selina Begum
  • SIMAUL JANNAT, daughter of Md. Abdulla and Tohfatul Jannat
  • TOUHIDUL ISLAM, son of Soiyad Amin and Maleka Begum
  • MOSTAKIM BIN EYAHIYA, son of Md. Eyahiya and Fatema Khatun
  • MINARA BEGUM, daughter of Nurul Islam and Hamida Begum
  • SHADEK HOSSAIN, son of Md. Shokat Ali and Halima Begum
  • MOHIMA PARVIN, daughter of Nurul Hakim and Hamida Begum
  • OMAR FARUK, daughter of Nurul Haque and Late Maleka Begum
  • REHANA AKTER, daughter of Taraj Ali and Roshida Begum
  • AMINA AKTER, daughter of Md. Abu Sufiyan and Joynab Begum
  • AJIJULLA, son of Zakir Ahmed and Jamila Khatun
  • ASHEK ELAHI, son of Md. Abu Sufiyan and Joynab Begum
  • ABDUL KAIYUM, son of Eyakub and Shaleha Begum
  • MAHABUBA BEGUM, daughter of Jahngir Alam and Late Mujaheda Begum
  • FEROJA BEGUM, daughter of Late Miya Hossain and Late Fatema Begum
  • AMINA KHATUN, daughter of Soiyad Slam and Late Rehana Begum
  • ABUL KASHEM, son of Nurul Haque and Sokina Khatun
  • NURUL ISLAM, son of Saiyad Alam and Hajera Khatun
  • IYASIN ARAFAT, son of Hamid Hossain and Mamta Ara
  • ABDUL GONI, son of Saiyad Alam and Nurul Nahar Begum
  • MASETA BIBI, daughter of Late Golam Kader and Dil Ara Begum
  • NABI HOCHAN, son of Late Hafejur Rahman and Marian Begum
  • NACHMA AKHTAR, daughter of Md. Johur Ahmed and Morium Begum
  • FARID, son of Golam Baser and Late Bilkis Begum
  • DIL ARA BEGUM, daughter of Md. Johur Ahmed and Malkhai Alam
  • JANNAT ARA BEGUM, daughter of Md. Hossain and Jannat Begum
  • ALI NUR, son of Aman Ullah and Najum Ara Begum
  • SADEK, son of Late Nurul Islam and Shakina Khatun

■ Bangladesh Police arrested Md Shafiullah with other RSO militant leaders from Hotel Lord’s Inn at the port city Chittagong. Shafiullah (in check shirt on the far right) had contested the Upazila Parishad election with the ruling party’s support | bdnews24


Initially, the BNP–Jamaat alliance had been the instrumental hand to make use the Rohingyas in the vote politics and to attain dominant influence in the national politics. The Rohingyas were then provided assistance to become citizens of the country. The Awami League has also been no exception to this policy. Thus the Rohingyas coming from Myanmar have become citizens of Bangladesh, in Teknaf, Cox’s Bazaar and Bandarban districts.

Firstly, it was the BNP–Jamaat alliance and later, the Awami League played role behind the Rohingyas to become citizens of Bangladesh in an alternative manner. During the last 10–12 years, the local leadership of Awami League got the Rohingyas enrolled in the electoral roll and issued national identity cards. Many Rohingyas went to different Middle–east countries including Saudi Arabia with Bangladeshi passport. Many Rohingyas also went to Malaysia with Bangladeshi passport.

The Rohingyas have become not only citizens of Bangladesh but also have been elected ‘public representatives’ in the elections. The Rohingyas have attained port–folio leadership positions in the parties like BNP and Awami League. It has been studied the issue taking only the Naikhyonchari Upazila of Bandarban Hill District. The information and data affirm that a major number of public representatives in Teknaf are Rohingyas who came from Myanmar and politically they belong both BNP and Awami League .


Taslim Iqbal Choudhury, present UP Chairman of Naikhyongchari Sadar Union, is the former General Secretary of Naikhyongchari Upazila Awami League Branch and at present, he holds the party organisational responsibility as Joint Secretary. Though he is an elected–UP Chairman yet he is leading the RSO



TASLIM IQBAL CHOWDHURY, S/o late Jafar Habib | Uttor Bichhamara | Ward No. 2 | Naikhyongchari Mouza | Naikhyongchari Union | Naikhyongchari Upazila | Current Chairman of No. 1 Naikhyongchari Union Parishad | Joint Convenor, Awami League | Naikhyongchari Upazila Branch.

IQBAL, Son–in–law of Hazi Saleh, founding commander of RSO |Naikhyongchari Upazila HQs | He was elected as Chairman of Naikhyongchari Upazila Parishad during Ershad regime | Awami League supporter

ARIF ULLAH, S/o late Kamal Hossain | Purano Station | Ward No. 1, Naikhyongchari Mouza | Naikhyongchari Union, Naikhyongchari Upazila | Current Member of Ward No. 1 of the No. 1 Naikhyongchari Union Parishad | General Secretary, BNP | Naikhyongchari Upazila Branch

FAKHRUL ISLAM KALU, S/o unknown | Mosjid Ghona | Ward No. 1, Naikhyongchari Mouza | Naikhyongchari Union | Ex–Member of Ward No. 1 | Naikhyongchari Union Parishad | President, Awami League | Naikhyongchari Union Branch

ALI AHAMED, S/o late Ashraf Ali | Bichhamara | Ward No. 3, Naikhyongchari Mouza | Naikhyongchari Union | Current Member of Ward No. 3 of Naikhyongchari Union Parishad | Member, BNP, Ward No. 3 Committee, Naikhyongchari Union

AMIR HAMJA, S/o Badiur Rahman | Ward No. 4, Naikhyongchari Mouza | Naikhyongchari Union | Ex–Member of Ward No. 4 of Naikhyongchari Union Parishad | BNP supporter

JAHURA BEGUM, W/o Md. Fakhrul Islam Kalu | Mosjid Ghona | Ward No. 1, Naikhyongchari Mouza | Naikhyongchari Union | Current Member (Women) of Ward No. 4, 5, & 6 of Naikhyongchari Union Parishad | President, Awami Mohila League | Naikhyongchari Union Committee

FATEMA BEGUM, W/o Md. Iyub | Bichhamara | Naikhyongchari Mouza | Naikhyongchari Union | Current Member (Women) of Ward No. 4, 5, & 6 of Naikhyongchari Union Parishad | Awami League supporter

MOHAMMAD NABI (died) | He was elected as Chairman of Naikhyongchari Union Parishad in 1997

SYED HAZI (died) | He was elected as Chairman of Naikhyongchari Union Parishad in 2000 ■

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